Make Yogurt

Here is just a breakdown of one of my favorite yogurt recipes, including Cocoa powder and Maple syrup. It’s supereasy and superdelicious! You can chose the toppings yourself and play around but I really like Strawberries and/or blueberries. Simply scroll down to get a better understand of how to do it!


i. Whole milk, half a gallon

ii. Sugar, 2 tablespoons

iii. Cocoa powder

iv. Maple syrup

v. Strawberries/blueberries as flavoring agents

vi. Plain yogurt with live cultures, half a cup (the culture used is called Lactobacillus)

vii. Two pots with lid sealings

viii. Thermometer to check preparation temperature

ix. A spatula for stirring the ingredients mixture


i. Make one of the pots you have to be inside the other. This is done since caution must be taken not to overheat and burn the milk. Pour milk into the inner pot.

ii. Add two tablespoons of sugar to the milk. You can taste the milk-sugar solution to confirm the level of sweetness. The caution you must take is that excessive sugar can ruin the outcome of your yogurt taste. If you want your yogurt to be all natural, you can substitute the sugar with natural honey.

iii. Add some cocoa powder if you want the yogurt to have a chocolate taste. Boil the resulting mixture to temperatures of up to 900C. You can use a thermometer to ensure that your heating doesn’t pass the recommended temperature range.

iv. Take the pot having the boiled, and put in a refrigerator so that it can cool. You can place the pot in cold basin for cooling in case you don’t have a refrigerator. Cooling must take place without the milk forming cream or froth at the top. The recommended cooling temperature is about 400C-450C.

v. Heat the plain yogurt, and this is done to ensure that the yogurt gets warm and thinner thereby making it easy to blend with milk solution. Thoroughly whisk the milk-yogurt mixture until you get a smooth and uniform mixture.

vi. Put the smooth mixture in a pot, and tightly cover the lid. The next procedure involves leaving the yogurt to incubate – this normally takes 3-4 hours, and you can go about other activities while the incubating process is taking place.

vii. The incubation temperature should be maintained below 300C. The yogurt should be left undisturbed, to ensure that the flavors and other ingredients get to mix well and consistently.

viii. Remove the yogurt from the incubator if the recommended time range has passed, and allow it to cool. Thoroughly whisk and transfer the mixture to a transparent plastic container. Sealing the container is important so that fermentation of the ingredients can be kept in check.

ix. Place your yogurt in a refrigerator for 1-2 hours. Before doing the cooling, you can add vanilla or blueberry if you want to enjoy more flavor.

The procedures involved are not that tough, though you may need to dedicate a whole day to prepare this recipe. You can try the preparation on the weekend, and make enough yogurt that you can enjoy for about 3-4 days. The good thing about yogurt is that kids do love it, and as a parent making this recipe on your own can turn out to be a rewarding cooking experience.